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As I was thinking about this, the only "tools" I can think of -- other than the obvious ones already mentioned - are food. I have never used a scale to weigh food, a blender - or any other small kitchen appliance. For me, the key has been finding substitute foods and substitute ways of eating.

Protein Shakes. I have to second the protein shake. I have one every morning for breakfast.

Frozen Cauliflower / and Spaghetti Squash. I'm not crazy about either of these by themselves, but doctored up I love them. Cauliflower is my oft-used substitute for potato and rice in meals. For example, I make a chicken tikka masala. But instead of serving it over rice, I mix in chopped up steamed cauliflower right into the chicken and the sauce. It comes out so good. I used to buy whole heads of cauliflower. But it is SO much easier - and just as tasty - to use the frozen variety. It takes a lot of time out of the preparation and cleanup. I don't make spaghetti squash nearly as often as I do cauliflower for this very reason. Its not nearly as easy to make as the cauliflower. But when I do, it comes out so good. I usually do a shrimp scampi with it.

Spices. I touched on this above with the reference to the chicken tikka masala. I have found that I am using a lot more varied spices to make my meals more interesting and tasty now.

Bagged Lettuce The only way for me to fill myself up at lunch without over eating protein or starches is to fill up on lettuce and veggies. I typically eat one of two things for lunch every day. One is grilled fish/chicken and veggies. The other is a big salad with turkey/chicken/tuna. For sake of convenience I buy the pre-washed bagged lettuce. The 5oz size is the perfect size for one salad for me. I like the spring mix.

Greek Yogurt. I pretty much only use it as a substitute for sour cream. I get the Fage 0%.

Pollo Tropical. Chicken breast was mentioned as one of the obvious tools. Pollo Tropical is a fast food restaurant in my area that makes really good grilled chicken marinated in Caribbean spices. I probably get chicken from this place 3 to 4 times a week. Sometimes when I don't have time to cook I'll buy some boneless chicken breasts from there and incorporate it into other recipes. For example, I often use it in the chicken tikka masala that I make. I know that most of you won't have this chain near you, but I thought it was worth mentioning because many people think that fast food is inherently bad. There are, however, some good fast food. Boston Market is another place that I sometimes go to. Oh and Miami Subs (another local place). I get their Gyro meat sometimes when I have a craving for it. I'll eat it without any pita or put it on my own low-carb pita. SO good!

The Trunk of My Car. Ok, so I did think of a "tool", if I can call it one. This is my scientific method for portion control! This is where I put my almonds, if and when I buy them. If I keep them in my house or my desk at work, I will eat entire 1lb bag of them in a couple days. When I keep them in my car, I will take out a handful when I get to work and when I leave. But I have never gone out to my car to get them. So, it has worked for me. Its the ONLY thing that has kept me from binging on them! Now, if I could only store cheese in my trunk! I'm still working on that one.

Started out at 405.5 on 7/31/12. Then lost 156 lbs to get down to 249.5 by 7/31/13. In the past year I have put back on over 40 pounds and reached a high of 291.5. But I have recommitted myself and quickly took off ten pounds by 7/31/14. I am now trying to take off the weight I put back on, and then lose the rest of the weight I was originally trying to lose. ---- Starting weight / Low weight / Current Weight / Goal Weight

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