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I don't put any sweeteners or flavorings in my yogurt during the making. I store the plain yogurt either in the crockpot or in Rubbermade containers, and I add sweeteners and/or other flavorings only to what I scoop out for a single serving. Plain, it makes a great sour cream or creme freche substitute. Often I sweeten it, but don't add any other flavorings. To make fruit yogurt, I just stir in some fruit spread or jam. My favorite flavor is almond extract (just a few drops) and a bit of sweetener. I also use Davinci or Torani syrups (usually Splenda sweetened), instant coffee granules, hot cocoa powder, even jello packets (sf jello or jello pudding)

When I'm craving cheesecake, I stir sf instant pudding mix into yogurt (2 cups for a small packet).

As to the thermometer, I bought one for the same reason. I spurged on a thermometer with a long, flexible probe and an alarm. LOVE IT!

I could probably do without now, because it takes almost exactly three hours to reach the right temp, and another three to cool enough for adding starter.

Originally Posted by L J View Post
Wow! Thank you so much for all of the information! Reading your reply, I definitely feel confident enough to give this a whirl. I am going to try it left Sunday on my day off. My crockpot is old and cantankerous and I don't own a microwave so I am going to buy a thermometer so I don't second guess myself.

Chobani is my go to yogurt, so I'm going to try that as my starter.

What do you put in your yogurt you make it, if anything? I like plain yogurt with peanut butter, but my kids insist on fruit yogurt, mostly strawberry. I'm not sure how to make it sweet enough that they will eat it.
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