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Originally Posted by veggiedaze View Post
Hi, I've decided to start a new thread for people who would like to stop dieting and being restrictive. I am also hoping those of you that have been successful at this will give tips on how they were able to transition from being a chronic dieter/restrictive eater to someone who no longer restricts and considers themselves recovered from disordered eating.

I am a binge eater and have considered that to be my problem for some time now, but I think my main problem is really being an obsessive dieter/restrictive eater and binging is just the symptom of that behaviour. Please any tips on how to not diet would be much appreciated. Also, just personal stories for inspiration would be so great. I have never had a weight problem and have never weighed more than 120 pounds at 5'5", yet I struggle so much with restriction followed by binging.
I only have received positive results when I stopped being restrictive. I mean I have lost weight before. I was a yo-yo dieter until about three years ago and I lost 40 pounds and kept it off. (Have another 40 to go) but I decided just to be healthy and lose the weight slower. I do the Sonoma diet mostly and just stick with Phase 2. I get to have pasta but I make sure I protein and veggies with it.

Losing weight is surprisingly easy compared to maintaining!
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