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Originally Posted by JenMusic View Post
Just chiming in to say thank you all for having such a powerful, civil, and necessary discussion. I've been lurking in this thread since it began because I'm one of those people that tends to take a LONG time to listen and absorb and process before I react.
JenMusic - so glad to see that you've joined the discussion.

While I am in absolutely no position to address your question (I'll leave that to those who are), I just wanted to say that I agree with your assessment of this discussion.

I have learned more from this thread than any other one on 3FC since I returned about a month ago. I want to thank veggiedaze for starting it and for all the wonderful posters who have contributed so much to it. I don't respond every time I read it, but it is the first thread I check each time I come online to read the forum.

I believe there are a lot of members here who could benefit from what is being discussed on this thread. No doubt some have been reading and learning, even if they choose not to participate. Which of course is perfectly fine!
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