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I also agree bingefree2013 that if someone is 200 pounds and diets down to 150 in an unhealthy manner they may be starving. That does not mean everyone that diets down from 200 pounds to 150 pounds and then starts bingeing is starving. If they start bingeing then sure, it could be they were starving; but the bingeing may also be due to something else like repressed psychological issues or many other things they put aside while losing the weight due to the exhileration of seeing those pounds come off. Once the pounds came off perhaps those other issues came back because they never delt with those issues. I am not going to tell anyone "how they are"; I will just tell them "what may be happening". Only the person can figure that out. People only walk in their own shoes.

*edit. I think telling someone what is "definitely happening to them" may sometimes be wrong and lead them down the wrong path when they are vulnerable and desperate and willing to believe anything. I don't want to tell anyone that they are bingeing becasue of the same reason why I am bingeing, because my cure may not be their cure.

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