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Originally Posted by ataraxia3 View Post
I wasn't saying all pizza is junk, but the one I ate that evening certainly was. I'm just realizing how disgusting fast foods really are, they're toxic. I will definitely be making my own homemade pizza the next time I'm in the mood for pizza Thank you for that recipe amandie. That chicken pizza you just described sounds soo good
Yes, sorry, I do know you didn't mean all pizza is junk. I just have noticed on these boards in general, that a lot of perfectly acceptable foods get sort of demonized because they may be more difficult to fit into a plan. I get particularly perturbed when it's food that I regularly incorporate into my diet.

Along that same vein, I find that ice cream makes me sick to my stomach and haven't had it for a year. I've replaced it with banana soft serve that doesn't make me sick. However, I'm not saying that ice cream is horrible for you. In large quantities it is but it's a treat. It's meant to be enjoyed only occasionally!

I still eat fast food too! I can fit it into my plan a-ok and sometimes, I just want some chicken nuggets even though I may feel less than optimal a couple hours later! Ha ha ha.
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