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Well I had to go back to work this last week. I worked 2 days (12 hour days) 1st nite I did ok for not having much of a voice. The 2nd nite my back up dispatcher was out sick. Sounds like he had been sick awhile but never called in sick cuz I was off. Another guy was late cuz he has asma real bad & had to get a new inhaler. My voice was much better but I still didnt want to talk on the phone more then I had to or it would go out on me again. By the 2nd nite I was sore. Glad I was done for the week. By Thur. I was sick again. My immune system isnt up to where it should be. My neighbor gave me some ginger tea. Its very different. The smell & the taste is very different. I could only drink a little of it but I do admit it did help my belly. After I drank some tea I decided to take an epson salt hot bath. Oh that felt great. BF says I should do that for the next few nites till I am back in the swing of things again. It is so weird having someone to take care of me (who wants too) But then its the same for him too. We both are used to taking care of ourself cuz no one else would (except for when DS was around then he would do what he could) I feel much better today which I should seeing I went to bed early & didnt get up till 11.

I did do much better watching what I ate this week at work. Took in healthy snacks. When the guys at work ordered dinner I only got a sandwich & not the frys & drink that go with a combo. I also took in juice to drink after I finished my coffee. Drank a gallon of cranberry juice in 2 nites. I hope next week is easier on me.

My medical bills are finally starting to come in. Mercey Hospital came in yesterday. 4 days before my surgery I got a letter from them saying they wanted me to pay them $3200 on day of surgery. Thats what they figured I would owe after my insurance. I said no way & gave them $200. The bill is no where close to what they figured. I also have to ask them if the bill I have includes the $200 I gave them cuz it dont look like it. The bill says I owe less then $1200 which is a huge difference then what they figured. I'll have to be a good girl for awhile till I get these medical bills paid off. Specially since I now have a car payment & the insurance went up with the new car.
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