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Originally Posted by SouthernMaven View Post
I see what you're saying about "the myth of addiction" but in this case, the difference between our "attractions" is significant. So perhaps we could look at the term "addiction" as a measure of the intensity of the attraction. If that makes any sense.
I agree with this. I also agree with what you said about self-control. These days it's not fashionable or politically correct to suggest that people may have different degrees of self-control, though the recently released book Willpower may be reviving the concept. Maybe some us ARE weak-willed jellyfish after all. (OK, I'm just exaggerating to make a point.)

My mother, for example, had what I considered an iron will. She often said, as I do, that she could eat twice as much as she actually did, but she maintained her teenage weight (and figure!) until the day she died.


p.s. It's also unfashionable to suggest that overeating, drinking, smoking, or abusing substances are actually pleasurable or rewarding. But they are! That's why we do them. (I'm not saying the pleasure is worth the price, though in some cases it may be.)

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