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Thanks Tracy!
It's a good feeling finally seeing that number.... I felt like i accomplished something!
Hmmm..... I lost another pound overnight. I can't believe it! I'm going to ride this as long as it will go.... besides I could use the extra wiggle room and get rid of the extra fat around my body. I might stop at 135.0 lbs.

I feel like my body has finally kicked into gear!

Once I finish riding this wave, I'm going to have to work on Stabilization. That's when it's going to get hard for me. I only got to week two in the past and then I left for a holiday. When I got back, my centre had closed down.
I never really learned what to do and the weight slowly crept up.
I'm comfortable with losing the weight.... that system is imbedded into me.... it has become part of my life. Unfortunately I never learned how to stabilize and maintain my weight.
It's going to be a hard lesson with ups and downs.... I could surely use your help and expertise!

Anyway... sorry for not responding to your post yesterday.... I was a little excited that I reached my goal.
You are doing fantastic!
You're right, the 35+ diet sounds a lot like LAWL. So it should really work out for you. You need to find out what works best for you at this point in your life and go with it.
I like the fact that it has no bars.
I have to get off of them. But I'm not really sure what to substitute them with.

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