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yes, bingefree2013, I totally hear you on the restriction thing. I am not convinced I am a true addict to certain things, just something I'm considering. You could very well be right ablut my reaction. It is true my sister initially gained some weight after the restriction period. She has also not binged for a few years now. The only thing different from you than her though is that she does have to exercise some restraint with regards to certain foods where you do not, and she does sometimes overeat certain foods (not binge) where you do not. My mother is just like you though, never ever feels compelled to overeat anything. Up until now, those certain foods for me I've completely abstained from. Logically it made sense to me but I have still been a binger. My sister has incorporated them, and although sometimes overindulges, never binges. I am eating them now. Obviously I hope to be where you are where I never ever feel compelled to keep eating them in excessive amounts, but I would also settle for being like my sister. Yesterday I overate the donuts to where I was far more than full. I guess I will just see what happens.
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