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I second what nelie said! I did GF for a year before having testing done that narrowed the culprit down to wheat, and I'm happy that I could expand my diet back a bit with that knowledge.

I've tried many wheat-free breads and won't eat most of them. I've gotten used to a mainly bread-less diet, but every once awhile it's nice to have at least an open-faced sandwich. (GF breads tend to be higher calorie too, FYI.) Anyway, I can offer two recommendations that I like:

1) Millet-Rice bread by Food for Life. Whole Foods has it in the freezer for usually $6.50 a loaf (ouch). Trader Joe's also sells this brand for maybe $5, but a different type (just rice, I think. I've never enjoyed pure rice flour breads.) Edit to add -- I wouldn't say this is very "bread-like" - it's definitely a bit heavy. I've come to really like it for what it is, not because it's a great substitute for normal bread. (Sort of like how if try to eat carob as a chocolate substitute, it falls pretty short -- but you can still appreciate carob for what it is, on its own.)

2) Make your own bread from almond butter and eggs. You can google it, but here's one link: . I think this recipe is some kind of baking sorcery. Given the ingredient list, it confounds me that you actually get a real bread-like texture with crumb and everything. It tastes a bit almond-y. I've always thought adding cinnamon and a touch of sweetener would make for something like a cinnamon-swirl bread. (Good but not all-purpose. Also, this is definitely a higher-calorie (though lower carb) option.)

I know other people who really enjoy Udi's bread for sandwiches -- I think it's passable, but not something I'd buy for myself. I tried using it for GF stuffing at Thanksgiving this past year -- didn't think it passed the texture test for that.

Good luck! The old adage about kissing a lot of frogs to find a prince comes to mind. You might have to eat a lot of froggy bread but you'll find something that works for you.

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