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Default Gluten-free bread....gross!

I couldn't find a gluten free forum so I posted this here. I was suspecting recently I might be wheat sensitive. Since I love sandwiches, I decided to try a gluten/wheat free bread for the first time. The brand was Franz Bakehouse 9-grain gluten-free bread. And at $5.98 a loaf at Walmart.
I had been doing a search for GF bread recipes to make my own, but noticed they all include xanthan gum as an ingredient. I guess it must be used to replace the missing gluten in the bread, acting as a binder. Having tried xanthan gum in low carb cooking, I knew it has a nasty slimy texture to it. Well so did this bread! Yuck. It was absolutely tasteless, but the worst thing was the texture. I could not even manage swallowing the first bite of my sandwich. The whole loaf and most of the sandwich went down the garbage disposal. What a waste of six bucks.
So can anyone recommend a better brand - something that doesn't taste like styrofoam and vaseline mixed together?
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