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Lindy- he is a total food ****!!! No mistakes. U eat only to fuel ur body to workout!!! Lol i mean i hired him for this eeason but was a flipping biscuit! And i added 2 tbsp of almond milk into coffee this weekend and he chewed me out!!!!!! Lol he must be prefect cause he many times have i said lean white meat protein andbgreen veggies only??? Dang Vanessa! Lol he hasnt set a calorie limit but here is my typical day: (keep in mind he hates any dairy and carbs- little to no fruit- lean white meat protein and fresh green veggies only!!!) breakfast: protein shake with water and ice only. Or oatmeal. Lunch: salad or veggies (maybe fish or chicken if i have leftovers) s: 4 oz ish depending on how hingry i am and salad and/or green veggies. I cant help it but sometimes i have to have red meat....he doesnt like it but dang this fat girl needs a steak sometimes!!! Lol dont get me wrongbim not perfect and sometimes i mess up. Like my lovely hubby managed to bring whoppers into the house...grrrrr.... So me and the dog split like 10. So i make mistakes.

The scales did show a 1 pound gain from my last weigh in. But last week he weighed us on tuesday so he had worked the waterboff of me. He weighed us on monday this week. I weighed tuesday on my own at home and showed i was the same as last week on tuesday. So im thinking it was water weight but idk. He is working us extremely hard this week so far. I dont know if it is because of our eating or the spring weather has a peep in his step or what but i almost passed out on the treadmill yesterday. Literally everything started turning black and he grabbed me to steady me. Im hoping that he was just working us to death and not like my bp bottoming out or something.

Dance- so glad you have finally found a guy you are liking!!? You are also doing so good on eating on plan and sticking to the diet.....such an inspiration!!!!? I need to be more like u!!!!!

Lindy- i hate days like is a story to cheer u up!!!

So i got my tat and i cant take baths. So im in the shower and im holding my foot out of the water trying to keep the scab from coming off and messing up the color etc. Well im washing my face and my head is under the water....which has a pretty good pressure behind it..... And i feel a tugging at my tattoo! Oh no i think to myself gotta move my arm and body so i dont rip the scab off....... So for whatever reason i decide its a great idea to move my back too.......water rushed up my nose and down into my lungs!!!!! So i am running out of the shower.......onto the bath mat hacking and coughing and snorting water out of my on fire nose and dog who has now rushed in to save my life is just staring at me.....once i finally catch my breath and realize hey im not gonna die......... I swear my dog realized it too...... The little @#//%'""??':!!;%;%,,! Cocks his head to the side and smiles and starts panting....looks just like he is laughing at me!!!!!! Yes my dog smiles....its the oddest thing hes almost human! But yes.......only Vanessa can almost drown in the shower all by herself....i think i need to wear floaties! Lol

Hope yall have a good day!!!!
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