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Shy, so far, so good. I am down about two pounds this week, but may have been up more before, because I got a little lax while my daughter was home for Spring Break. I have the feeling I was up two or three before getting on the 35+ plan, so I might have actually lost a bit more to end up where I am today (if any of that makes sense). I didn't weigh before I started, which was stupid.

The 35+ Diet for Women has protein servings of one, three and six ounces, respectively, for the three meals. Three servings of fruit and at least four of vegetables. I often have more vegetables because most are free and I can have some for a snack if I like. One eight-oz dairy and two starch servings. A serving can be two slices of diet bread, so you can have a sandwich. After staying on 1-2 weeks, you can add an extra serving of starch and a non-sweet alcohol serving. You stay on that plan until you lose your weight, and then there is a maintenance plan that adds some foods back in. The best thing is that it emphasizes low sugar rather than low sodium, so you can add salt and spices to make your food taster better.

I will say that I have as many bathroom visits as when I was on LAWL, so I know that I am not retaining water! I know, TMI.

I think this is a good compromise, and can always go back to LAWL and the bars if I think I will die without something sweet each day. As it is now, I am using my dairy (1/2 yogurt and half milk) + two servings of berries + 1/2 pack of raspberry Jell-o powder + 1 tbsp of Splenda to make a thick, sweet smoothie either for breakfast or a later morning or early afternoon snack. It satisfies my need for something sweet without making me crave more sweets.

It is very LAWL-like, but I was feeling the need for a little more structure for a while.
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