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veggiedaze - I'm so glad to hear that you feel things are "clicking" for you. After reading your post I would agree with that assessment.

Originally Posted by veggiedaze View Post

For example, last month I was in a coffee shop with a friend and saw some kind of square with all kinds of nuts and seeds etc. that I just couldn`t take my eyes off of. I considered having it and counting it in my daily calorie allowance, but I just couldn`t accept using that much of my daily calories on it. Often that will be my deterent. I had also just eaten a meal not long before and had a tough time rationalizing why I would need to have it. It seemed like it would have been more for pleasure. But my friend did have one and I was just tortured and I wasn`t even at all focussed on the conversation. And it`s really weird how the mind works. In one way I was mad at her for having it and making me watch her eat it, and on the other hand I felt a sense of superiority for abstaining while she did not.
I found this very interesting. I completely understand your fixation on that item. I've been in the same situation, having an internal war over whether or not to eat it....should I? shouldn't I? take it home? eat it and count the calories? watch my friend eat it and resent her? be mad at myself later for giving in?

Oh yea...been there, done that.

I can't say what I would have done in your situation, because it was your situation, not mine...but I can say that when (not if) I find myself in a similar situation, I'm now very confident in my ability to make a decision as to what to do and not second guess myself at all. Obviously that hasn't always been the case.

I asked this question on another forum "What's been the easiest part of the diet mentality for you to give up?" For me, hands down, it's the guilt. Since the first day I started practicing IE, I have been able to do away with the guilt feelings about anything I eat....even if I end up eating more than I really think I need right then. So what? Let it go. That's my mantra now.

So if I decided to eat it, even if I wasn't hungry right then, I'd enjoy it and not worry about it. There is a certain satiety level at which I can't eat anything else; if I had been at that point, I probably would have purchased it to eat later if I thought that's the only time I'd ever see that item. If it was something I knew I could easily come back later to get, then I would have just done without. And of course if I were hungry I would have DEFINITELY eaten it - with pleasure!

Originally Posted by veggiedaze View Post
But as far as I am doing, I am doing quite well. I am getting alot more comfortable with this no calorie counting thing and still no binges. And it does seem to make my day alot less stressful.
That's wonderful news!
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