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Thanks Joe! I will be sure to check out the Pure Protien products you recommend. And it is good to know that you have had such success without taking any of the pills/supplements. Well I just weighed in this morning and have to say I do feel a bit discouraged I have finished my first week and even though I lost almost 9lbs during the 3 day prep, I gained .2 lbs on the first day of the diet and maintained the next 3 days. I realize how great 9lbs in 3 days is, but I have to tell you after 4 days of meticulous weighing/measuring, counting, taking all the not see the scale move down was a huge bummer this morning. My counselor did not seemed discouraged and trust me I am in this for the long 32 week haul, but really would have loved to see the scale keep moving in the right direction.
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