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Tracy: You do not sound like the most wishy-washy person in the world! Don't think that way about yourself.
In fact, you sound like the most educated person. You know what is going to work for you and, as you mentioned, you just need to tweak it to suit your needs/lifestyle. I think that's brilliant. You have a plan and you just need to implement it into your life, work on tweaking it, and things will work out. You just have to be patient during the tweaking phase.... it will take time and motivation but, once you get over it, you will be living the lifestyle that works for you.
I like the fact that it's almost exactly like LAWL without the bars. I really like LAWL and find it a great approach. (I've never done any other 'diet')

And good for you for going to the gym. Again, you KNOW what works for you. You're smart and you're tackling this wonderfully.

As for me.... I decided to stay on the bandwagon yesterday and I actually consumed 4 glasses of water, something I don't really like to do. I ended up losing weight and this is my motivating factor once again. I might be able to make my goal by next week, by my birthday. If not, at least I won't have those extra pesky pounds around!

My new weight is 141.5 lbs. I'm staying on track from now on and let's see what happens. It is sooooooo hard to lose the last couple of pounds.

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