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Congratulations on taking the first step. I feel that that is ALWAYS the hardest. Remember that there will be set-backs, it's common to have a day where the diet didn't go as well as you planned (cheating, holidays... etc) Just remember that each day is new, and you can restart the next day.

I don't think that losing four pounds a week is really all that bad. I always end up losing more weight at the beginning of the diet anyway. It WILL slow down though, and you can't get discouraged from that.

I still allow myself to cheat one day of the week. That seems to curb my binging and gives me something to look forward to during the week. I cheat on Sundays. I also try NOT to weigh myself on Monday because I will be disgusted with myself from the day before's cheat.

I do weigh daily. A lot of people say that it isn't encouraged. Personally, I find it drives me to lose more. I also use a scale that has decimal points. 201.9 pounds is a big difference from 201.1.

Also, get rid of all the foods in the house that are tempting. Just throw them out. Don't leave them for someone else, don't leave them for your "cheat days". Just toss!! It'll be way too tempting and could cause late night binging!

I tried all kinds of diets... I failed at all of them. I found I did best with calorie counting in the beginning. That way I COULD eat anything I wanted, as long as I knew the calorie content. The induction week I allowed myself 1,700 calories. Then the following week I reduced to 1,500. Right now I'm eating somewhere between 800-1200 a day. I change it up so my body doesn't "get used" the same amount day after day. On the day I cheat, I used to just allow myself one meal of cheating. Now, I cheat all day long... and it must boost my metabolism because 2-3 days later, I lose even more weight.

Best of luck to you! Don't get discouraged. Set realistic goals. Shoot for 300 pounds now.. make that your first goal. Don't wear yourself out exercising either. I always found that when I did that, I "forgave" myself and would cheat more.

Keep us posted!! We are all on your side!!
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