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What "diet" are you starting tomorrow?

I know it shouldn't be about weight lose and how quick you do it but I do understand it can be disheartening when you you dont see a difference straight away. When I posted my intro on here one of the responses I got was that its not about weight loss its about being healthy and blah blah... yeah I know that we all know that but it wasn't what I wanted to hear to right now, I need motivation to help me think and feel like I can do that... so dont get disheartened.

I have only just got back into it over the last week or so, I always eat pretty good but I hadn't exercised since christmas. Last Monday I was 171 and this morning I am 168.. so 3lbs off... so no I do not think 4lb a week is unreasonable. Your first couple of weeks will probably be more but be prepared for it to slow down. I started the C25K this week, I did the 3 days, which is 30 mins each day and I have also been doing the squat challenge which has been worse than the running but im sure that will change. So the exercise doesn't have to be too dramatic.

Also dont be too strict. You will only get board and fed up if you deny yourself of the things you want. I usually stick to is 100% through the week, I find it easier as I am at work. The weekends are when I struggle, as I like to have a drink and eat out etc... but its part of the journey.

I usually weigh myself on a Monday (stops me going mental on a weekend) but sometimes to help myself I weigh on a Friday too so I can see what damage I have or have not done over the weekend. I had ice cream on Friday as my treat and the scales still went down.

Im the same I have restarted so many times its a joke but I really feel like I can do it this time and go beyond just being healthy and lose the extra pounds so if you want a buddy and we could set mini goals then I am definitely up for that. Just let me know xxx
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