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You asked me in a previous message if I was still following the old WW or LAWL. Well, at the moment, none of the above. I don't know if it's my menopausal body or some other reason, but whenever I eat sweets, I want more sweets. I dragged out an old plan of mine called "The 35+ Diet for Women" which, obviously, was designed for older women. It is almost exactly like LAWL, but does not have the bars or other sugary treats. It is simple, nothing weird to buy and great for this time of year, when it is a pleasure to eat five servings of vegetables and three of fruit. I get my sweet fix by using my one dairy serving to make a fruit smoothie with two servings of berries and half a pack of sugar-free Jell-O powder. But since there is no added sugar, I don't crave everything in sight.

I know I sound like the most wishy-washy person in the world, but I guess with the hormonal changes of menopause, I need to tweak things until they work again.

I also worked out at the gym five days this week. I know that I won't lose the weight by dieting alone.

The "35+ Diet" book has some great recipes in it as well, which I often refer to just because they taste great. The book was from the 1980s but it is sensible and not something that is "dated" by having been written a while back.
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