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Reda, how was the ride????? Did you get the new bags finished and on the bike?

Holly, GREAT less than a week left of wake ups. How long do you have between jobs?

Colleen, I have been in your place more than once in reference to the jobs with high turn over. One turned out to one of the best learning jobs I had and I worked there for years. The other was right down the drain and I had replaced a supervisor that had been there 14 years.... It was pretty tough. I hope you find resolution.

Dawn and Aaron, how are yall?

I got to ride some yesterday. It was beautiful and 70ish. I am getting used to Ms. Road Queen. If it warms up to 59 in the AM I will try to ride like I used to in what it seems like eons ago.

So...... we are trying for the house again (the one here in town). We both want out of this house pretty bad. It is a depressing dungeon to me..... and it is hard on DH b/c of his mom. So, wish us luck. We put our house on CL for a quick sale. I know it sounds "brattish" but I really just want a different house in a different side of town. At one time this was a good part of town.... now all the houses are rent houses. We had a guy try to hook up cable from our pole last night.... DH caught him and stopped him, but today DH walked outside that guys shades were in our yard.... which meant he did it after we went to bed. Ok, how brazen do you have to be to try to steal Especially since you know the house is armed to a "T" and there is a 120 pound lab that does not like strangers in HIS yard. lol.

Well, I have gabbed enough. I hope I have good house news when I get back on..... hopefully we are knee deep in a house deal. Btw, the reason the house is so important is b/c it has all of our storeage needs..... its hard when you have as many "vehicles" as us. 2 HD, 1 car, 1 truck, and police car... not to mention if my DS comes over.

Rambling again..... but I gained all my weight lost at WW back plus .2 pounds.... so I am back on the program.....
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