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bingefree2013 - I knew you'd have great insight for veggiedaze, but I learn a lot each time I read one of your posts. I'm grateful that I've read what you have to say this early in my IE experience, as you've not only answered questions that were lingering in the back of my mind but you've also confirmed other things I've already discovered on my own.

One thing I find interesting that you have said is that you didn't eat enough when you first started IE, therefore you were still restricting, and in doing so you lost too much weight. I've really taken that to heart, as when I first started I was trying to "rate" my hunger based on all these arbitrary "scales" that I'd read in various literature. I'd pretty much decided that d*mm*t I'm just going to eat until I want to stop, whatever it is that makes me decide to stop. And then you confirmed that that is really the right thing to do. I no longer agonize over whether or not my satiety is at any particular level - I want to eat until I know it will hold me for awhile. I like hearty, robust meals...but I can eat one of those a day and have one or two "snack" meals and that keeps me completely satisfied. If I have several small meals I'm NEVER satisfied, and those days I always end up eating more than on the days I have one big ol' meal.

And although I am not weighing, there is absolutely no doubt that I've lost a little weight....not a great deal, but since I'd totally embraced perhaps never losing another pound, each time the clothes fit better that's just lagniappe, as far as I'm concerned.

Anyone reading this - please, take it from me, you simply cannot IMAGINE the freedom that shedding the diet mentality brings. It is such a wonderful feeling. To be able to walk into a restaurant and order any doggone thing on the menu without thinking about calories, carbs, points, or any of that other nonsense is just exhilarating. And even though I'm not as far along in the process as bingefree2013 is, I can tell you that I cannot imagine ever going down that road again. Ever.
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