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Originally Posted by veggiedaze View Post
Like I've said before, my biggest hurdle is including previously banned food. The trouble is, unless I am in binge mode I don't want these foods. It's just when I snap that I want them. In fact when not in binge mode these foods cause me fear. So although I've been doing well with the no counting calories, eating when and how much I want, I have stayed with the same "safe foods". And I am feeling now that unless I force some of these things onto myself, I won't have them which may make me binge. So what I am thinking to do is to force myself to have at least a bite of these things when they are brought into work (like donuts etc). Hopefully that will help to take the fear away and I will learn that these things won't hurt me (when not binging on them) and that I don't have to eat so perfectly. Do you guys think I am going about this the right way or do you think there is a better way. I feel I have to take small steps otherwise I will be scared back to where I was.
veggiedaze - Do you find yourself feeling more "in control" when you do take a bite or two of those foods? If so, and if you feel that eating small amounts of them helps take away the fear and keeps you from binging later, it's hard to see a problem with that.

However, I'm wondering about the wisdom of eating something - anything - that you don't really want to eat at that moment. I just really don't know how to answer your question accurately - someone with a lot more knowledge of binge eating is better suited to answer that, I think. Perhaps bingefree2013 or someone else can help you with that.

It is certainly important to make peace with food - all food.
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