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well I'm still doing okay with this whole no diet thing. But it is hard because I feel lazy or like I'm not "doing enough". That need to control really runs deep. But I just have to keep telling myself my number one priority is to stop binging and asking myself if I want to still be counting calories in 30 years when I am 60. And the the answer is no.

Like I've said before, my biggest hurdle is including previously banned food. The trouble is, unless I am in binge mode I don't want these foods. It's just when I snap that I want them. In fact when not in binge mode these foods cause me fear. So although I've been doing well with the no counting calories, eating when and how much I want, I have stayed with the same "safe foods". And I am feeling now that unless I force some of these things onto myself, I won't have them which may make me binge. So what I am thinking to do is to force myself to have at least a bite of these things when they are brought into work (like donuts etc). Hopefully that will help to take the fear away and I will learn that these things won't hurt me (when not binging on them) and that I don't have to eat so perfectly. Do you guys think I am going about this the right way or do you think there is a better way. I feel I have to take small steps otherwise I will be scared back to where I was.
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