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Evepet, that makes absolute sense to me. I'm sure now that we look "normal" people think we can just eat anything and stay this way. I even notice myself feeling that I can ease up a bit. But I know I really can't.

I always go back to Ishbel's quote: if we go back to eating the way we ate, we'll look the same.

I KNOW that we are different now. I think the special gift of IP is twofold:

1) We have learned to reframe our relationship to food. I want this new relationship to last for the rest of my life. I want to continue to value people's company more than the food we are eating when we are sitting together. I want food to be pleasant sustenance for my body, but not the center of my life and definitely not my reason for living, my comfort for stress, etc. I want it to remain in the right perspective. AND

2) We have learned how to prepare healthy, delicious food! I love the way that I now cook my meat, fish, and poultry protein! I love my new vegetables and the way it's so easy to grill and roast veggies! I love the way roasted vegetables and salads taste!

The other gift is that we have had the time to accustom ourselves to this new way of thinking and eating. For me, it's been 9 months of readjusting my relationship with food - and my new body. I want to stay here for the rest of my life and not go back!

So, can we "ease up a bit?" I've yet to find out. Perhaps we can order the salad without saying "hold the carrots," but I'm still not sure how I'd do with pizza and sweets.

I guess the question is how can we give the impression that we are "easing up" but remain true to our new way of living?
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