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Just wanted to share something that's on my mind a bit this morning, since sharing the Easter weekend with my family. I've noticed others in maintenance reporting on similiar experiences, and can see how I'll have to watch for this too. Even though I spent Easter with family members who've been 150% supportive of my dieting efforts - are thrilled at my success, and certainly want to see me be successful in maintaining - I still got a few 'pokes and prods' to 'take a taste' and 'not worry so much' about sampling the wide array of calorie and sugar/carb laden foods that were available. While they knew I was actively dieting, they didn't do this... but now that they know I've reached my goal, there was occasionally that encouragement to loosen the restraint and indulge. Thinking about it this morning, has just made me really aware that now I'm at goal and 'look normal' people somehow expect me to 'eat normally' again. And I think there's an inclination for them to fear that I've gotten neurotic about weight maintenance, if I don't 'indulge' with them occasionally. I'm not sure if I'm expressing myself clearly, but does this make sense to you others in this situation?

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