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Find an exercise you LOVE -- for me, that was hard -- but I recently invested in a pole and have been pole dancing as exercise. Not only is it fun, but it's like cardio and strength training all in one! Poles are expensive, but it's a great way to feel sexy and build strength -- Try looking for a local pole studio in your city and go with a friend 2x a week or something. It doesn't even SEEM like exercise, because you're having fun, and because it's FUN, you are more determined to keep at it. Making it FUN is what works for me.

When I reach my goals, I reward myself with something non-food related as well (I used to reward myself with food -- YOU ARE NOT A DOG! DO NOT DO THIS! lol). Read, read, read and if you need help, ask here!! Good luck, you CAN do this! I am excited every morning to wake up and get on the scale cuz I'm anticipating a loss and even if it's not there, just remember at least it's not a gain and tomorrow is another opportunity to see a loss!

First thing I do in the morning is load up MFP and start entering what I'm going to eat for my breakfast and enter my daily weight. Then I come here & 'weigh in' on my daily weigh-in thread. It starts my day off with being healthy at the forefront of my mind and I find that that helps me keep focused. When I lose focus is when I pick up a book, go pole dance, go for a walk, or do ANYTHING to get me away from a refrigerator, lol!

Good luck!! You CAN do this!


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