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Originally Posted by KitKat169 View Post
I love the Beck Diet Solution book. I'm not finished it yet because I'm trying to give myself to work through each day's activities and thoughts before I rush on to the next page.

Evepet: one of the solutions I've done for myself to prevent the over-eating of snacks like almonds is to pre-separate the desired amount for one sitting into small snack baggies at a time when I'm in control and not eating them. Then when it is time to snack, I grab one and walk away to sit and thoughtfully eat. If I think I want more, then it is a conscience thought to get up and walk to grab a second container. That has been sufficient time to talk myself out of taking too many. (This is a concept I developed from the Beck book.)

I'm doing okay but have been quiet this week because of so much going on. I'll do a bigger update this weekend. I'm stressed but mostly not reacting to it because my allergies are hitting me full on and I'm just too physically worn out to react. I know we are at risk for flooding around my province but I really could use a good hard rain to clear up the snow mold and winter dust.
Good idea about separating the almonds into serving sized baggies. I think I'm safer though to turn most of them into almond meal!! Then if I'm tempted to buy anymore (until I need to make meal again), I'll just buy the small packet size. Can't lead myself astray so much with that size, and I'll save myself the temptation.

Sorry to hear about your allergies - hope you get some relief soon. I remember watching the news about the major flooding of the Assiniboine & Red River in the past ... hope it isn't like that this spring - once we FINALLY get spring!
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