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I'm curious about this too, because like many of you, dieting makes me binge. Period. So for about 6 months recently, i gave up dieting completely. I just wanted to get away from disordered eating and obsessing about food. Well, for the first couple of months, it actually worked really well. I actually didn't overeat and i actually lost a few pounds. Then, gradually, i started to overeat again...i never went on a true binge, because that only happens when i diet, but i definitely overate. It got worse especially over the holidays. I gained back several pounds and finally decided that i couldn't just eat "naturally." So i started dieting again.

If i ate naturally, i'd probably gain a couple more pounds, and probably settle at around 165 (i'm guessing). (Or who knows...maybe it would slowly creep up to 170). But i'm NOT ok with that. So i diet. But when i diet, i binge. I feel like there is no solution to all of this

But, veggiedaze, if you could not diet and maintain at a desirable weight, i would take that and RUN. Seriously. If i could even maintain at 155 without dieting, i would totally settle for that. In fact, that would be my dream. 165 is only 10 pounds above that, but i just feel so weighed down at that's just not a good weight for me.
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