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Well the trainer weighs us every monday or tuesday. So he does sorta go off the scales he feels that if you are working ur rear end off you shouldnt gain it will come off.......but slowly. I have always went by the scales and have gotten very very discouraged becuase they were moving alot faster b4 i started training. Jason has assured me that its working but the scales will not show it because you are gaining and toning muscle. He says you have to pick one thing to go by.... Either the scales or ur clothes. He says its better to go off of how ur clothes fit. And i have had a verybhard time adjusting to that. Becuase i have always focused on that magic number. But i know even tho i am still in the 170's (barely now 171.6) i am in a super small size. I fit in 7/8 this weekend but im more coomfy in a 9. And i was like an 11-13 in high school. But i weighed like 155-165 i think. Sobi know hes right......i just gotta get used to it!!! Lol

And i just found awesome boss is quitting at the end of this im hoping whoever takes over is still cool enuf to let me keep training.... I take my lunch break to do it so it shouldnt be an issue......but we shall see.....mmn i hate change! Lol
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