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Originally Posted by krampus View Post
Wait, is intuitive eating different from stopping when you feel stuffed and it all starts to taste the same?
krampus - you'll see a lot of the IE proponents say to eat when you reach satiety, which according to many is simply "full." Well, I think that's very hard to describe in a blanket way. I'm more in the camp of until the thought of eating more makes you sick - although I don't react that way. I would say I eat until I am very full but NOT uncomfortable. At first I didn't do that, but I found that I wasn't really satisfied until I ate to obvious fullness. Left to my own devices, I generally don't overeat at meals. I think most of my weight gain came from mindless snacking, particularly at night.

I believe I have one advantage over some people in the sense that I had a significant time in my life (other than childhood) where I was a normal eater. It was a 20 year span from after the birth of my first child until I started entering menopause. So I can reach back to that time in my life and remember how I ate...which was without a care in the world. I was a normal weight (actually underweight for a portion of that time - nursing babies) and ate intuitively, although I didn't know it had a name! Never gave food a second thought. I think learning to eat intuitively has to be more difficult for a person who has lived with disordered eating most, or all, of their lives.
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