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Thanks for starting the new thread Dance!

Dance- I do not want to put any ideas in your head so I say this knowing that every situation is different and I have many friends who have been successful in dating others with kids. I always said I would not date something with children, and adhered to that rule for 3 years....hypocritical...yes, but it worked. Then I met Bob and I was so smitten with him, I looked past the kids. BIG MISTAKE. It has been the stress of our relationship and I have often said if we broke up, it would be for that reason alone. NOW, this is slightly different than your situation because you do not have kids. When both people have kids it is a constant battle of who's parenting methods are better. Further more, his ex situation was not ideal and she is a royal pain. I'm sure things are a little different with your guy so again, please dont let my experience detour you.

Nessa - kudos on the weight loss, you are doing such an amazing job. What does your trainer say about the scale? Does he tell you muscle weighs more than fat and the scale wont change drastically or is it a myth? Just curious. :-)
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