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Originally Posted by freelancemomma View Post
Intuitive eating sounds very appealing to me conceptually. I wish I trusted my intuitions, but I don't. More precisely, I don't think my intuitions are compatible with staying slim, and right now I'd like to stay slim. (This may change in the future...)
If you're not willing to take the chance that you may gain weight practicing IE, then I believe you are correct not to try it.

To give an example: Last weekend I stayed at a B&B. For breakfast they served yogurt with berries, two rye-bread toasts and butter, scrambled eggs, fried tomatoes, a large piece of smoked trout, and orange juice. I had it all (I figure about 1,000 calories) and felt GREAT, not stuffed at all. It felt like just the right amount and balance of food. Later that morning I went for a 5-mile run and had lots of energy.

I fear that if I ate intuitively, all or most of my meals would look like the above. This means I'd be eating about 3,000 cals per day, which means I'd start gaining weight even if I exercise. I might settle at a higher weight, like 200 pounds, but I don't have the desire (or guts) to do that right now. See the problem?
Oh, that breakfast sounds great! If it had been about 10:00 am or later, I could have eaten most of that...but not all. Some of the trout would have likely been left behind (as well as the orange juice - I love it, but my esophagus does NOT!). And then I would not have been able to eat another bite until around 5:00 pm or so....another full meal, perhaps, depending on how much exercise I'd gotten that day. Or maybe just a bowl of cereal or a sandwich....possibly even a dessert in place of a meal, if my rare sweet tooth kicked in. My point is, that meal would have filled me up for 7 or 8 hours, leaving me with ZERO desire to eat anything before then. And I could not have eaten it before 10:00 am, later if I'd slept later. No way could I eat three meals like that in one day.

freelance, do you mind sharing what you DID eat for the rest of the day and whether or not it filled you up? Do you feel that you could have eaten that same meal for lunch and dinner? If so, then no doubt the practice of IE would probably result in some weight gain for you. So if that is what your body is telling you and you are not willing to take that chance, you are smart to stay on your current plan.

You'll absolutely know if and when the time has arrived to change the way you eat. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - IE is not for everyone. It is not a diet, nor is it a guarantee of weight loss. It's a way of making peace with food. That's it.
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