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bingefree - I love reading your posts. They are inspiring.

If you don't have a blog, I hope that you would consider starting one. I would be your first subscriber. Seriously. You have a great story to share that I think so many people would benefit from reading.

Originally Posted by bingefree2013 View Post
With re: to overeating.
I don't practice intuitive eating - that's what led me to my last severe restriction in the first place (trying not to eat past satisfaction which led to too little food, fear of fullness, guilt if I hit fullness levels, trying to obsessively rate hunger on a numeric scale, and extreme weight loss because I was essentially eating too little overall stopping before fullness; a diet within a non-diet), but the principles are similar to how I eat. The point is, I don't label how I eat with any program, just like I don't label how I breathe and urinate.

Hope that helps.
Thank you so, so much for this... I understand what you're saying about the "rating hunger on a scale" idea posited in IE. When I started it, my mind completely rejected the idea of assigning a number to my hunger or satiety, as I believe that automatically put it in the classification of a diet. So now I'm finding I eat until past full but not stuffed. I've always been able to leave food on my plate (especially in restaurants) but I think it really needs to be because you just KNOW that you cannot eat another bite. I believe you wrote in another post that you get to the point that the food suddenly becomes repulsive. I've had that feeling too, though not on a regular basis.

Both hunger and satiety are so individual. I don't think they can be described accurately. That's why I maintain that IE has to be what works for you and for no one else.

I can understand how you lost weight if you were stopping too soon, which I think is a danger we can fall into with IE. Some days I eat and I know it's not enough, and that's the day I may end up eating more than I would have had I just allowed myself to eat more when I needed to.

I don't weigh myself but I know I'm not shedding weight at a rapid pace, that's for sure! I also feel fortunate that I was able to embrace, pretty early on, the idea that I may not drop another pound. I call it my "the h*** with it" moment. It was very liberating. Don't you think you just HAVE to let go of that idea in order to make peace with food? I do.

Certainly, though, the way you eat is truly intuitive - although I respect your decision not to classify it in any way. I believe that's very wise. And by sharing this with us, you have shown that it is entirely possible to reach a point where food has absolutely no control of you. How wonderful that is!

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