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With re: to overeating.

I feel at this point it's almost physically impossible for me to overeat even on a favorite food. Why? Because my regulatory system is so strong that when I am approaching fullness I start to become almost turned off/repulsed by what I am eating. It no longer tastes good and the thought of one more bite makes me want to gag. That's about as clear as I can make it. Eating anymore would be force-feeding, which I only did the first week or so when starting up to eat normal meals again in order to stimulate my dead appetite and reform proper hunger signals.

I don't practice intuitive eating - that's what led me to my last severe restriction in the first place (trying not to eat past satisfaction which led to too little food, fear of fullness, guilt if I hit fullness levels, trying to obsessively rate hunger on a numeric scale, and extreme weight loss because I was essentially eating too little overall stopping before fullness; a diet within a non-diet), but the principles are similar to how I eat. The point is, I don't label how I eat with any program, just like I don't label how I breathe and urinate.

Hope that helps.

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