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Staying the Same
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Sorry, I should have specified I like the eating schedule (16/8) but I don't consider those "rules" so much as just "my routine." I do agree that carefully tracking food and limiting mealtimes is not different from dieting.

I would say sugar is inherently habit-forming and people who don't want a third or fourteenth cookie are in the minority. There are tons of recent articles and peer-reviewed studies stating it has addictive properties and is druglike in its effect. Recently I have struggled with saying "I don't need three more cookies before bed" and brushing my teeth and still wanting to eat cookies - I don't consider that a "dieting" move so much as preventing something I will regret, because eating sugar/carbs right before bed usually means I have vivid bad dreams and wake up with a soapy taste in my mouth feeling almost hung over.

As far as whole bags of chips, pizza, stuff like that goes - I know it is harder to moderate intake of those foods, which makes me feel binge-y and like I can't control myself - I hate that feeling so I don't actively seek out chips or pizza. I guess I don't view it as a test of wills where I dangle tempting trigger-y kinds of foods in my line of sight and force myself to have only a little. It seems just as controlling and disordered to do that - personally I feel it's healthier to just avoid them and eat what you like freely.
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