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Good Monday morning:

We did manage to get our garage sale in on Sat/Sun, but was a pretty slow weekend. After gas, ice, lunches both days....we managed to make $250, which will be going toward replacing our camcorder. I was not very good with my eating and ate stuff just out of boredom. I did eat some cookies and candy and then had 2 of my dd's mozz. sticks from Sonic and some FF, plus a bunch of legal stuff (but way too much on portions). I am up to 124 today to show for it, but hope to be at or below 123 for WIW.

My dd is out of school today for Columbus day, so we are going to go to the 99cent store so she can spend some of her money and I can buy some paper plates & cups for our MOMS Club Halloween party in a few weeks. I also need to drop off some stuff at charity, drop off some film at Costco and get to Kohl's for their grand opening here. Also need to take oldest dd to doctor at 1:30 today.

Anyway.....on with some replies:

Deb: Your sister is really lucky to have not lost her child in that pool while the fence was down. You can't be too careful with that kind of stuff. My parents live in an area of town that was "grandfathered" so they are not required to have a fence around the pool. I NEVER leave my children with my mom. It's not because I don't trust her.....I don't trust the kids around water. Britt is now fine; she has taken swim lessons, and is not drawn to water like babies are. I worked too darn hard getting pregnant and carrying my babies to term to let them go that easily; it literally takes a second. Thanks for the info. on the corn starch; I didn't think it was allowed; thanks for the other ideas as well. How cute for Michael to get in on your post. That was interesting to read. Glad you got out into the pool and got some swimming in; are you sore yet? Sorry to hear about having to return the new microwave!

Monet: Glad you enjoyed your dinners out; sounds as if you did pretty good, overall. How long has your dh been on SB? How has he done? Good luck preparing that large dinner tonight!!

chrisd: I am sure that your uncle is our neighbor! We live in the New River area, which is about 15 minutes from Cave Creek. Cave Creek is between New River (us) and Scottsdale (where your uncle used to live). If you ever come visit, we will have to meet up.

Ken: I have found some tasty recipes on this board. I made some meatballs last night for the first time and had them with wheat pasta. Everyone seemed to like them o.k. I haven't burned rice yet, but EVERY SINGLE TIME I boil eggs, I forget about them and all the water is gone by the time I realize it.

dobe: WELCOME; we look forward to getting to know you.

Mom2jared: I am not a doctor, but can tell you from experiences of those that I know in your condition; you will benefit greatly from SB. It is amazing to me that a lot of nutritionist today are stilll recommending several fruit portions per day to diabetics, discounting the high amounts of natural sugars. I am sure you will do great. Make sure to ask any questions you have along the way.

Grant: Welcome. It sounds as if you have done fantatic on SB, and should have no problem at all dropping those final 17 pounds. We look forward to getting to know you.

Maggie: Welcome! How awesome to have a place that will make you a pizza without a crust. I am one of the guilty who picks off the toppings and throws away the wasteful, but we truly live in a wasteful society. I cannot believe the size of restaurant portions, especially for children. My Lord! Good luck to you!

beach: Good luck finding a new position; sorry to hear you have to go through this after so many years of job security.

Ashley: Way to stay OP all weekend; I wish I could say the same!!

Trishaloo: Today's a new day . That's what I have to keep telling myself. I've had a bowl of oatmeal with agave and flax seed meal and a few nuts this morning. I am going to have a great week!!!

Have a good day; I hope to check in later when we return from our errand crazed day!!!

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