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This is the time to be in NC. The weather is fabulous and the trees have finally turned beautiful colors. My husband and I drove up to the Blue Ridge Pwy yesterday and actually took about an hour's hike. It was a perfect day. Now, if I could only get busy with journaling again and stick with 2-3 carbs a day.

Debbie: Hey, I am proud of you for taking the dive! I wish I had a "safe" place to swim. I understand changing up the exercise routine is suppose to be really good. Is that what you are doing with substituting some swimming for the walking? Your pita bread looked marvelous!

Monet: Please tell me more about the chicken casserole. I am always looking for good recipes. Why are you cooking for 40?

JackieO: Meeting people from the board is really lots of fun. There is always so much to talk about!

Trish: I think my husband was a little surprised at first about me wanting to meet people from the board, also. However, he has seen what a great time I have with all of you that I have met and then he met Debbie and fell for her at once.
Oh, I looked up some information about the Aunt Gussie's and there seems to be several Kroger's that carry them or can get them for you. I don't know if I am really doing you a favor by telling you, though. Actually I am able to control the servings on them whereas I have trouble with the Spelt sesame sticks.

I have the sewing machine out and plan to hem some jeans, take up the waist in some others and do some repairs. Fun, HUH?
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