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Hey guys just a quick note to say hello! Im babysitting this morning for one of my nieces. The other one (they are twins) is at the dr. with possible chicken pox. that means if it is, Im sure Dominic will have them next! had a pretty good weekend. saturday night we went to Outback for our anniversary and then went out with a bunch of friends. I had a steak and veggies..and a salad with blue cheese. i probably shouldnt of had blue cheese but theirs is soooo good! I almost made cheesecake last night but went in the fridge and only had 2 eggs...I was bummed. I guess I will wait until next weekend. I only bake on weekends.

DEB - Good for you taking the plunge. Thats the best excersise i think. It really gets your heart pumping. No sleep again? You best go take a nap..well maybe you shouldnt it may cause another sleepless night. Thanks for explaining the pitas to me!

TRISH - Im with you, I cant stand the Eagles either. Im so glad they got beat at the last minute!

JACKIEO - So glad you guys had a great time, cant wait to see pictures.

Gotta run guys...I have two 2 year olds today!

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