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I am in no way slim and trim yet but the way I am treated now whether in public or from some people I know is 100x different (I'd say better but not sure that's the right word) with 100+lbs weightloss.

It's like I am more worthy of a human being now in their eyes and it makes me sad. Maybe I notice it more now as there have been several threads on 3FC about this in the past.

I will say though...married or not....I can't wait for the first guy who outright flirts with me (even innocently) so I can run home and tell my husband!! He might get jealous for a second but my flashy newly sized diamond will be sparkling in that guy's face. I just want someone to think I am attractive now, is that too selfish?

I make it a point to talk and be friendly to everyone but especially heavier people now. It's not patronizing or condescending in the least and never weight related. You just never know when a few simple words might make or break someone's whole day and I want to be the positive in their life!
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