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Default Good Monday Morning!!!!!

Morning all!

I'm trying to get the week off to a productive start work-wise. For some reason if I don't get much done on Monday--I don't get much done the entire rest of the week!

Jackie0--It sounds like you had a wonderful time with Jackie and Missy!!!! Did y'all take pictures?

Deb--Keep swimming--it's excellent for toning those muscles! I saw a piece on the Today show this morning about the new surgery. It looked interesting--I like the fact that it is reversable!

Monet--Sounds like you will be busy today! Cooking for 40 is quite a task--good luck!!!!!

Anna--So sorry to hear about your job woes and your IBS. HMMMM, is there a connection? I know both are a pain in the you-know-what, but the first one might be a blessing in disguise in that it is good to reevaluate after a while and have to see your self again. It makes you focus on what you do well and perhaps helps you to find areas where you might be able to excell!

BOB--I just have to offer my condolences to you on that game on Saturday. Those games where your team just can't do anything right are the worst! Even though I'm a UGA alum, a part of me was rooting for UT because I wanted you to have something to celebrate after last week. Sigh. Remember that we love you!!!

Have a good week everyone!

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