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Good morning everyone. Well, my grand plans of eating right over the week-end lasted until Friday at dinner. We went out for Mexican food with some friends and let's just say it went downhill from there. But, as they say, today is a new day.

Bob - Did you see my Longhorns? I'm not sure where they were because they sure weren't at the game. I think Mack Brown's days may be numbered. He's a great recruiter, gets some of the best talent in the country but they've been saying for years that he's not really that good of a coach. I'm beginning to agree.

Missy, Ashley and Jackie - So glad you guys had a great time. Missy, my husband wasn't all that crazy about me meeting up with people either, but I think he's adjusted slowly.

Welcome to all the new guys. We are definitely not like some of those cranky boards, well except when our football teams lose.

Emma - I thought about you yesterday. Glad we didn't scare you off.

Superdave - How about those Cowboys!!?? I can't stand the Eagles and of all the games for them to win, this was a great one!

Well, I actually better get some work done. Talk to ya'll soon.

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