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I do not think it has anything to do with mens true colors when noticing smaller women vs bigger women. I know I notice men far more often if they are between 180-220. Any bigger/lower than that (average height being 6'0) I tend not to notice them as its only natural. It's not because I am some shallow person, its just what I am programmed to find attractive. Just like I am far more likely to notice a dark haired man compared to a blonde haired man.

When people are meeting for the first time in a dating sense, not a professional way, it is all about physical attraction. You start with the physical attraction and develop the personal attraction later. It's just how it routinely works. You don't go to the person you personally find the ugliest in the room and spend 2 hours getting to know them for the sack of their "inner beauty might be better". You naturally go towards someone you find physically attractive.

As said though, it a professional setting, its horrible to not notice anyone just because they are big/small/ugly. That type of "radar" should be turned off in a professional setting.

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