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Originally Posted by Alyssa Autopsy View Post
i didn't know surgical steel had nickel in it, no wonder my lips got infected and swelled to the size of a sausage!!

i have had allergic reaction to EVERYTHING i have tried so far, to the point where i don't have any piercings anymore. i was thinking, for my birthday, i'll be getting $100 cash from my grandpa... thought of using it to buy some titanium rings and try getting piercings again. i'm gonna start with my ears this time though, as the lip infection was ****... it actually got SO infected that i couldn't take the rings out normally, i had to basically COAT my lip in oragel to try and numb it, because even TOUCHING the ring caused intense pain.

i want the following piercings (hopefully... eventually...), which ones are more likely to reject?
both ears all the way around with an industrial in one and conch in the other, septum, smiley, 2 rings on one eyebrow, dimples, double snakebites, spiderbites, back of neck, navel, and dermals in my hips, collar, wrists, and ankles.

i also have thought about getting horn implants, but i scar very easily so i changed my mind about that one, and i'd love corset piercings down my back but i know those are temporary so i'm not getting it done.

i also like split tongues but i'm afraid of even getting my tongue pierced. idk why, i just have this overwhelming fear of "they will do it wrong and i will have a lisp for the rest of my life". idk why because i've gotten piercings before and half my friends have tongue rings, but the tongue and girlyparts are basically the only places i don't want done xP i would love to be a metal face, right now all i have is a couple crappy homemade tattoos and one professional one.
I've heard surface and dermal piercings reject real easy. I want some so bad but no matter how many times I get pierced or tattooed I am such a baby! lol I also am seriously in love with corset piercings! I think my next will be my web...If I ever build up the courage lol
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