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Good Morning to you all. I am happy to report that I stayed on plan the entire weekend while eating out (this is a first in a long time). I got to meet Missy and her husband and JackK for lunch yesterday. It was so nice. They are all FABULOUS. Missy is HYSTERICAL. We definitely need to coax her husband into leeting her host a get together at her house. JackK is super sweet and looks FANTASTIC. (I can't believe she is in her 50's). She is also at my goal weight, so she is inspirational. I will try not to hate her too much.(That would be impossible). Missy's husband was a trooper and didn't roll his eyes even once while we were talking SB. I can't wait to meet more of you!!!!!!!!! I am going to start using my real name(Ashley) on this board, in order to avoid confusion, since we already have a Jackie.

Deb- Good job on the swimming. That's great exercise. I am SURE you are exaggerating the flab in the swimsuit. Be easier on yourself, I am sure you look great!

Beach- I will be thinking of you during this stressful time and hope things work out for the best!

Monet- have a good day. Your menu sounds YUMMY.

Good morning to Colleen, CountryMom, Nat, heartmom, SuperDave, Grant, Emma, BOB, Fillise, Missy, Jackie, SEF, Quilter, and whoever else my memory is failing me on...... Talk to you later, Ashley
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