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Reda, I am glad you got to ride. How did it feel? Isn't it so refreshing?

Colleen, How did your first day of work go?

Holly, I have been on a binge since I can't tell you when..... but it sounds like you have been rocking it. And I TOTALLY agree with you.... If I owned a business, I would NOT ask an employee to do something I would not. And, it SUCKS for him to leave you hanging. It is bad enough you had to work all day, but even worse you were left hanging. Holly, you are so customer service oriented.... why don't you have your own café?

Dawn, hope you are doing well, especially with your return to work upcoming.

This week, (tomorrow night), I leave for Ft. Rucker Alabama to watch my oldest DS graduate as a pilot.... I am sooo excited and I cannot tell you how proud of him I am. I wish DS2 would follow suit.... but I will just keep praying. I don't expect him to be a pilot... but a productive member of society would be great!!

So, I have something to discuss with you all. *This is long and whiny** Things are HORRIBLY Rocky with DH and I.... A small part is him... a lot is me. I have decided to stop taking my "happy pill" Celexa, b/c of the side effects. It is supposed to be weight neutral, but since I started taking it... I have gained 30 pounds and I cannot stick to a diet to save my life.... They switched me to Wellbutrin.... and I cannot handle it. It makes me horribly aggressive and mad at the world. So, I called into work today to try to get through some of the w/d.... but DH took off work too. I am sooo in need of alone time and he just doesn't get it. I try to explain about the medication but that does not mean anything to him.... I try to spare him from my horrible attitude, but he insists on being right by me 24/7. I think it is b/c he had other wives cheat on him and leave him behind his back... but it is driving me batty. I don't want to be around why would anyone else b/c I am so cranky. I tell him I am cranky.... but he still insists on acting like everything is normal and he is glued to me. I just don't know what to do. So, just a bit ago, I told him I did not want him to go to graduation with me b/c I am too on edge and he seems to make it worse. I think some of it is his issue dealing with his mom dying..... but inside... I am dying. Ok, I am done ranting....

Ok... I am done. Hope yall have a good day.
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