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Angry Happy Monday

Hi All

I was away on business all of last week. While away about 80 of us where I work were told our positions would be eliminated as of 12/31...and we have to reapply for any new positions. Needless to say I am a little stressed. Spent all weekend updating my's been 14 years since I've had to look. I've already sent in my resume for some of the new positions. I should be ok...I think I am fairly well thought of but you never know when something like this is going on in a company.

I've also had a major case of IBS. It's been going on for over 5 days now and is really bad. I'm hoping that by getting back to eating in my routine I will feel better.

Motivational thought for the day:

"My obligation is to do the right thing...the rest is in God's hands"

BOB: What a football weekend. Can anyone stop Georgia????

FRUIT and Gator: Did you go to the game?

Everyone else...I missed last week and will try to catch up with everyone this week. But as you can see from my messages above...I will be busy looking for a new job

Live one day at a time. Live each day to the fullest. Laugh heartily, love deeply, pray daily and let the rest roll off your back. Surround yourself with positive things - positive people, sunshine, rainbows, roses, puppies and kittens.
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