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lin - I don't think you're being snide.

I do not have a fast metabolism. I have a normal one; there's nothing extraordinary about me. It's actually a little low as I have been tracking my basal temperatures upon waking and they are often under 98 degrees and last year I was sublinical for hypothyroid. Without metabolic suppression, a normal woman of average size should be able to eat approx. 2000-2500 calories/day and meet her own weight set point. There's nothing wrong with 5'3" and 135, especially not if that's where your body wants to be, insurance charts be damned. I don't know your dieting history so I can't say for sure. If you've yo-yo'ed all over the place you would have to let go of the diet, eat more to raise metabolic rate, gain some weight, keep eating to appetite, and let your body deal with the excess weight over time. But no one wants to do this because of the initial weight gain and I'm pretty much spewing blasphemous statements all over this board. They get scared, and flee to the next diet. Check out or Matt Stone to read about metabolic suppression from restriction.

I may be 115 right now, and I may have gained some weight since then. I don't know. As I said, I haven't been on a scale in a while, and I have weighed more in the past. About 20lbs above my natural set point from screwing with food.

There's no other option. Either be on a diet forever and remain a crazy, food obsessed hostile loon like I was, or eat normally, gain some weight, risk that it may stay around forever, but preserve my mental health and physical health in the long-run. It's a no brainer.

I'm not always zen either. I have bad days where I feel the pull. Really bad days, but I have better days where I my feel that my digestion has improved (I used to have horrible constipation and GERD from restricting before I started forcing myself to eat more), my hands and feet are no longer ice cold, and best of all, I do NOT binge anymore.

It's highly likely that had I kept restricting, I would have gained that hypothetical 15-20lbs anyway - through binges.

One last thing more telling than my weight: Pre-diets, I had 16% body fat without trying. As in, regular hearty meals and minimal exercise. After years of diets, I have 24% body fat aka, I am more fat now than I have ever been. Good job, diets!

I'm really just here to give support to people like veggiedaze who want to let go of dieting and want to know that they are not alone in such a culture that looks upon food as a sin that must be controlled and thousands of rules attached to it - kind of how we look at sex.

I spew a lot of hate at dieting and our thin obsessed culture because I feel that it has ruined a big part of my life and I wish I hadn't fallen for it. If people want to diet forever, that's their right and not my business, we just have a difference of opinion. And of course, no one will change unless they want to. Two years ago if you had told me to gain some weight and eat more and quit my weight loss, I would have smacked you with a chicken drum. LOL

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