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Originally Posted by bingefree2013 View Post
I quit restricting food intake altogether back in early Feb. I had been working towards it since Nov of last year, but I finally decided to take the plunge, weight be damned. My mental health was suffering. The bingeing/reactive eating from the restriction was not worth it.

I started to eat bigger meals so my body was well-nourished. A starving body will always be asking for a binge (I probably eat around 2200 calories/day at 5'3" and ~115, and do minimal activity to give my body a rest and chance to heal). I'm not sure of the actual calories because I don't count calories, think it's an awful thing to do, but I still have the knowledge of calories in my head (which is something I desperately wish I could erase and never knew in the first place!).

Unsurprisingly, after I did that, the binges stopped. I don't even have the urges anymore because I eat enough; I eat to hunger and fullness and that's about my caloric average from my body dictating it. I may or may not have gained weight. I don't know because I don't weigh and my clothes fit the same - maybe a tad bit tighter during PMS week from water, but that's always been the case and not terribly so.

I am staunchly anti-dieting/anti-lifestyle changes - to me they are the same thing. I only come here to help people when I see people like you reach out for it. Dieting sucks. Our culture's mentality towards weight sucks. Starvation diets are a staple and encouraged. It enrages me because of the **** I have been through mentally during what should be the best years of my life all because I wanted to lose 5lbs.

I wish I would have let myself alone.

I wish I could get where you are. However, if I could eat 2200 calories, moderately exercise, and still weigh only 115 lbs. I think I would. I believe you must have a high metabolism. I am 45 yo (next week), 5 ft. 3, eat the same # of calories as you do, exercise 1 1/2 - 2 hours a day, 6 days a week, and I weigh 135 - 138 (and I think I've gained a bit because I've been consistently going over my calories by, I estimate, 100 or so a day). And I feel as if I'm blessed compared to the calorie count I see some women have to eat to maintain an even higher weight than mine (some are at 1600-1800). I am in no way putting you down; you seemed to have reached a Shangri-La that few of us do. However, do you think you would feel the same if your weight crept up another 15-20 lbs? I'm not challenging you or being snide; I'm really just curious.
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