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Originally Posted by veggiedaze View Post

I was really afraid, since I am so experienced with calorie counting, that I would automatically asign caloric values to everything I ate and start adding things up in my head. A couple times a number did pop into my head, like today for example I grabbed an orange from my lunch bag and automatically said to myself "60 calories", but I have not to my delight totalled anything up. I have been careful when I am serving myself something to ask myself "does this amount seem like what would satisfy me at the moment" instead of deciding if I am taking a "proper serving size". And I have definitey not said anything like "does this look like blank number of calories". I thought it would be really tough to not add stuff up but I am really surprised that the not tallying has not been so hard. It is really encouraging. I really have not a clue how many calories in total I have been eating. It's scary, but liberating.
veggie - I'm sorry; I kind of missed the last part of your post.

I know what you're saying, as I found myself mentally calculating calories when I first started. I think that's normal. I still have a tendency to do that, and in fact actually used my calorie tracker to figure out the meal (and I do mean BIG meal!) that I had on Friday. It was all I ate that day. It was 1350 calories. And I never got hungry after that. I'm not recommending that way of eating; it just worked out for me that way on that particular day. And I counted the calories purely out of curiosity - and AFTER I ate it, not before!

It's good that you are moving toward serving yourself portion sizes that you feel would fill you up, rather than "how many calories?" I know JUST what you are saying. I wish I could have back the time I've spent "alloting" calories and eating a meal *because it's mealtime* or a snack *because I have calories left.* Rrruugghh! Maddening, now that I think back on it, because I never considered the most important thing - AM I HUNGRY???? Duhh! (slapping head with palm)

Also I have not weighed myself and don't intend to at least for a while. I am a bit conflicted on that and was wondering what all your guys' opinion on that is.
I had missed this question but somewhat addressed it in my previous post. Giving up the scale was a lot more difficult for me than giving up tracking calories. I wanted to give up THAT!

But once I made the decision to do it, it was very freeing. Am I tempted to jump on it? Of course, but I know the number - regardless if it's up or down - is now meaningless to me. I want to feel good; I want my clothes to fit better. I'd like to lose some more weight, but I'm not going to obsess over it. It did feel good to have my daughter notice that I had, however - I can't lie about that!

Next time I see my weight will be at the doctor's office August 1.
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